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Our general meetings will be held the First Thursday of the Month, at 6:30 PM in Yates Hall, on Pittsburg State University campus, Pittsburg, Kansas. Other related events will be announced via this website, facebook, email and/or text messaging.


Education and sharing information is our goal. We will include beginning beekeeping classes and more advanced beekeeping instruction throughout the year including lecture, and field experiences. HBASEK meetings will often feature guest speakers who teach from experience, utilizing hands-on demonstration, discussion with the audience, and multi-media presentation. Presentation subjects will vary, but will cover the many facets of beekeeping strongly emphasizing the beekeeper's calendar for our geographic area.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME - New and Veteran Beekeepers, Bee Enthusiasts, Farmers, Students, Nature Lovers, Young and Old ... ANYONE CONCERNED ABOUT THE FUTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THESE CRITICAL POLLINATORS! 

Let's Talk Money ...

Unless we are having a special event where a fee is posted ... There is NO CHARGE to come to our regular meetings, and you DO NOT have to be a member to partake in what we are offering ... All are welcome to join us for Education, Entertainment, and Enthusiasm for Bees ...


BUT, we are most definitely offering the opportunity to be a member of HBASEK for a nominal fee!


$15 Annual Membership Fee -

Help us/you teach and mentor others who want to pursue better beekeeping practices!


~ Support travel for Guest Speakers

~ Pay for things like website url, 

   printed handouts, snacks ...

~ Goal in the future is to offer

   support and scholarships to New


~ Things we don't even know yet ...

To Make A Prairie

Emily Dickinson, 1830 - 1886


To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee.

And revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.

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