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Our Favorite Links:


Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Dadant and Sons

Heartland Honey & Beekeeping Supply - Spring Hill, KS

Kelley Beekeeping

Mann Lake LTD Beekeeping Supply

Nixa Hardware - Nixa, Missouri

Pigeon Mountain Trading

T H Rogers Lumber Co - Pittsburg, KS 620-231-0900

Tuckerbee Nucs -

   Tim 620-306-1522  or  Norbert 620-216-0202  or

(We raise six frame nucs).  For $150 you get a laying Queen and five frames of bees and brood.  If you want the sixth frame Tim will give you a price depending upon how much brood is on the frame.  If you don’t want it we use it for raising Queen’s.
Compare with anyone else on the market.  Our product is usually ready in early May; however, weather conditions could delay until later in May.  With us you get 20 per cent more bees and brood for a much faster start.  
Quantities are limited.

BEE & QUEEN SUPPLIERS (Closer to Home):

AP Beekeeping - Alexandra Pavlov

    Springfield, MO  1-417-861-6909


Deer Creek Honey Farm - Ron Smail

     2018 Spring Nucs@ $165.00

     Local Survivor Queens @ $30.00 (May-Sept)

     Call Ron @ 620-380-1452



Helm Family Farms - Maxwell Helm

     Seneca, MO  1-417-439-3709


K & B Honeybees (on FB) - Kevin Young 

     Cassville, MO - 1-417-846-6146


Joplin Area Beekeepers Association

     Call Alyse @ 1-417-825-7641


    For Book List Go to: Bee Info page on this website


American Honey Producers Association


Arkansas Beekeepers Association

Kansas Honey Producers Assocation

Missouri State Beekeepers Association


Nebraska Beekeepers Association

Oklahoma State Beekeepers' Association




Clemson University - South Carolina


Cornell University Hive and Honey Bee Library


Iowa State University of Science & Technology


Kansas State University


North Carolina State Apiculture Program

Penn State University Center for Pollinator Research

Texas A & M Apiculture Program


University of Florida Honey Bee Program

University of Georgia Honey Bee Program

University of Minnesota - Bee Lab




"The Flow" (not endorsing)

"More Flow Gallery" (not endorsing)

Bees and Butterflies in Purple Garden

Relaxing Moment with Yellow Flowers and Bees

Bees Pollinating Flowers (Curacao)

Why It Matters How Bees See

How Honey Is Made - simplified for kids - video




















Silence of the Bees / Nova / Wildlife - video

    Published Oct 2014 53:40 min


The Sustainable Apiary - Michael Palmer - video

    Published Dec 7 2013 57:19 min


The Importance of Getting Stung - Michael Palmer - video

    Published Oct 2013


Keeping Bees in the Frozen North America - video

    Published Jan 2 2014 1:00:39 min


Time Lapse of Bee Development - short video

file for clinic


Giant Honey Bees of Malaysia - Attenbourough - video

    4:49 min


Could A Mushroom Save the Honeybee - video

    5:37 min

University of Guelph (site for several good videos)




QUEEN REARING GENERATOR (Formated Excel Sheet)  - via Ohio State Unversity


QUEEN REARING GENERATOR CALENDER -  via The Bee yard - (Add your start date first)


Queen Rearing in the Sustainable Apiary - Michael Palmer - video 


FatBeeMan  Part 1 - Queen Rearing - video  


Fat Beeman  Part 2 - Queen Rearing - video 


Long Lane Honey Bee Farms - Making Queens - video


Catch A Hive Before It Swarms - Michael Palmer - video


Anatomy of a Swarm - Dr. Thomas Seeley -pdf


Splitting a Honeybee Hive - WakullaCED - video


Beekeeping - Making a Split - Part 1 - Randy Richards - video


Beekeeping - Making a Split - Part 2 - Randy Richards - video


Splitting Beehive in Springtime #1- NovaScotiaBeekeeper - video


Making More Bees Using the Rose Method - video


"There Are Queen Cells In My Hive" - -pdf


Taranov Swarm (Artificial Swarm Method) - video





Small Hive Beetle Management with James Ellis -  video


Bee Files - IPM Management - pdf


Integrated Pest Management - "IPM In Beekeeping" - Linda Russell - pdf


Sugar Roll for Varroa Mite Check - pdf


Varroa Mite Check Sugar/Alcohol Shake - video


University of Florida - Nosema - video


University of Florida - Nosema Ceranae - video


University of Florida - Nosema Apis - video


University of Florida - Small Hive Beetle - video


University of Florida - Tracheal Mites - video


Clemson University - Small Hive Beetle - video


List of Diseases of Honey Bees - pdf


Proplis v Varroa Study - pdf 





Comb Honey Production - Michael Palmer - video


Scientific Beekeeping (Comprehensive Beekeeping) - website


Micheal Bush - The Pratical Beekeeper

(Comprehensive Beekeeping) - website 


Bees and Beekeeping / Using the Rose Method #1 - video


Tallest Strongest Hives / Using the Rose Method #2 - video


Installing Packaged Bees - Linda Russell - pdf


Package Install - Long Lane Honey Bee Farms - Video


Package Install - Brushy Mountain - video


Honey Bee Anatomy 101 - Linda Russell - pdf


Bee Breeds Info - Linda Russell - pdf


Frame Arrangement Fall/Winter - Linda Russell - pdf


Seasonal To Do List - Linda Russell - pdf


Hive Inspection - Long Lane Honey Bee Farms - video


Hive Inspection - Micheal Palmer - video


Robber Bees - pdf 




Lighting a Bee Smoker to Stay Lit  - video


Starting Your Smoker - video -  Dadant


Hive Parts & Equipment - pdf


Building a Hive Stand - Linda Russell - pdf





Garden Plantings for Bees - pdf


Bee-Friendlier - website 


Wildflower Plantings - Bee-Friendlier - website


WNC - Flowering Plant Chart - pdf


Polinator Resource - Xerces- Bee Friendier - website


South Central Plants - KS MO OK AR - Xerces - website


Pollen Source - Wikipedia - pdf 


Eversweet Apiaries - Spring Pollen Chart - pdf


Eversweet Apiaries - Summer Pollen Chart - pdf


Eversweet Apiaries - Fall/Winter Pollen Chart - pdf






















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